Our Team


Anushka Bansal is an eighteen-year-old from New Delhi, India. She is deeply intrigued by economics and consistently strives to delve herself further into the subject. Owing to her passion for economics and research, she heads the Trade and Economics department for the International Youth Politics Forum, is the COO/Co-Founder of a social enterprise in her city, and has a TEDx talk to her name. When she is not interviewing economists or studying organic chemistry, you will find her obsessing over pepperoni pizza or scribbling down poems in her room!

Outreach Head

Shweta Nadagouda is a sophomore and IB diploma candidate at Harrison High School in New York, USA. She is deeply invested in multiple extracurriculars, her main ones being model congress, DECA, and Carnatic Vocal Music. She is very proud of being the international 3rd place qualifier in DECA and debating to win awards in model congress. She is also the chapter leader for Altruism and is an intern at the Federated Conservationists in Westchester county, working to raise awareness and implement legislation about environmental education into our federal government. Outside of her academics, you can find her singing, face-timing friends, or feeding the nearby squirrels and ducks.

Content Writer

Arka Chaudhuri is a class 10 student of The La Martiniere for Boys School. He is interested in economic theories and believes them to be central to understanding how societies and countries developed to give way to the monetary disparity between different countries and different parts of society. He is also interested in the stock market for its democratic nature, allowing everybody to participate in a companies success. When he is not researching about these topics or hasting through school work, you’ll find him vibing to 90s music or running.

Outreach Coordinator

Vansh Patel is a rising senior studying the IB Diploma program in the graduating batch of 2022 at Dr. Pillai Global Academy in Mumbai, India. His interest in Economics lies deeply in learning about the theory of the firm, studying different macroeconomic policies and exploring the connection between economic theories and mathematical data. He is also a proud title-holder of World Topper in the IGCSE Economics component for the March 2022 series and the co-founder of the first-ever club in his high school.

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